Journey into a Hatha Yoga practice
for the health of it

Movement = Health

Our bodies are designed to move. Movement is needed to keep our brain and body healthy.

Yoga is not about pretzeling your body. It is about building and strengthening your stability, balance and ease in movement, stillness and life.

Move into a Hatha Yoga Practice. Move into a healthier YOU 🙂

Explore Play Imagine . . .

Yoga poses invite us to explore being different people, objects or animals. It is a type of playing. And they can help us imagine the world anew.

Photos above by Stefan Ritter

Mind-Body Connection

Yoga means yoke. Yoke together your mind, emotions and body to create the inner space of your own mountain top. Relax, breathe, connect within and recharge your energies, Feel Peace.

Discover Amazing You!

Yes that is right. You are more amazing than you know! Explore a Hatha Yoga practice to discover hidden gifts within you.

I warmly invite you to partner with me and journey together on an adventure into a Hatha Yoga practice.

Namaste, The Light in Me Greets the Light in You. 

Choose your own Hatha Yoga adventure!

We have the following offers to start.

Dip a Toe

“Explore Movement” free practices.

Feel Good

Establish a routine. Attend a class.

Expand Horizons

Customize for an individual or a group

put Dreams into Practice

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for awhile, like each new day there is always something new to discover with new JOYS to experience.

Barbara Ritter